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Swags & Tails Curtains

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What are Swags and Tails Curtains?

Swags and Tails curtains consist of 2 parts: the swag, which is the "loop" part at the top (that hangs down in a "U" shape) while the "tail" is the part that hangs at the side of the windows.  


Swags and Tails are generally used over another set of curtains in order to create a luxurious and elegant look, and look best when they are in proportion with the window.  As a general guide, the swags should be around one-sixth the length of the window, while the tails should be between one-third and two-thirds the length of the curtains.


Swags & Tails are the ultimate style indulgence. The graceful drape and gather of Swags & Tails creates the ultimate opulent look, giving your whole room an ambiance of prestige and elegance.

They have the added benefit of reducing the light coming in and concealing the Curtain & Blind headings & hardware underneath. They can also help further insulate your windows by adding a barrier at the top to prevent air flow, stopping the warm air which has risen to the top of the room from going over and transferring through the window.

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