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What are bed heads and why a customized one?

Also known as a headboard, bed heads were invented as a barrier between the wall and the edge of the bed, keeping heads from getting too cold during the night. Houses weren’t insulated as well as they are today and the walls could get really cold, resulting in a very cold bedroom. Simply put, headboards shielded the cold.

In today's bedrooms which can shield the cold better, bed heads can be considered a space filler not only on a big, open wall, but also between the wall and the bed, keeping pillows from falling off the bed during the night. Bed heads are also simply meant to be fun to look at and aesthetically pleasing. A stylish bed head can make an entire bedroom feel cozier and more comfortable than just a bare wall. And a cozier bedroom means it's easier for you to get comfortable and fall into deep, quality sleep.

At the same time, a bed head provides great back support for the times when you want to read a good book before sleeping, watch a movie, or just enjoy Sunday morning breakfast in bed.  

For home owners who have greater demand for the interior decor of their bedrooms, a customized bedhead provides a great way to give your bedroom a grand, posh look, and make you feel like royalty. 

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