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What are Night Curtains? 

Night Curtains are typically made from heavy fabric such as cotton. 

Their main benefit is that they can be used both during the day and night with the same function to block light from going out or coming into the room. Being heavier, they can also block out sound from going out or coming in. They are perfect when you want to maintain unfettered privacy throughout the entire day. 

Night Curtains are great for occasions when you want to take a nap during the day or to create a cinematic effect to catch up on Netflix without any glare coming in through the windows. 

Contrast this with day curtains, which offers a different set of benefits.

Night Curtains can be categorized into 3 main types: 


The normal or most common form of night curtain consists of a single layer of opaque fabric. It can block out 50-80% of the sunlight but can also offer full privacy when drawn.

Dim Out

Dimout is a lighter and more affordable alternative to blackout curtains and instead of offering 100% light blocking, it provides around 70%. It consists of three layers of fabric with a darkened layer in between. It dims the natural light, as opposed to blocking it out entirely.



Blackout curtains are most suited to install in a bedroom. They are called 'blackout' because they are capable of blocking off 100% of sunlight. This creates better conditions for you to fall asleep in. 

If you are struggling with the glare on your TV, blackout curtains can also help you create your very own theatric experience right in the comfort of your own home.

Click on each image below to find out more about the different sewing methods for night curtains: 

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