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Why choose Ripple Fold Curtains?

Ripple Fold Curtains are simple but brimming with personality. It is considered to be an all-time favourite for many people as the ripple-like folds create an astonishingly soft look, which gives your window a homey, stylish appearance.

Ripple fold curtains are sewn flat and hemmed on all sides; snap tape, fabric that has snaps sewn onto it every few inches, is then sewn onto the heading. Ripple size is determined by spacing of the snaps and how open or closed the curtain is pulled on the traverse rod. A variety of fabrics work well with ripple fold curtains, lightweight and heavyweight fabrics work equally as well but for best results it’s advised to use fabrics with a memory in order to hold the folds better.


Ripple fold curtains are a choice for both residential and commercial spaces because of the minimal look they give, without any pleating.

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