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What are Roman blinds?

Roman blinds are made from fabric and operate by a pulley. When they are raised, the blinds stack up evenly on top of each other, exposing your entire window as much or as little as you want. There’s no overlapping when the window’s being covered and you get the beautiful appearance of fabric.

Roman blinds can be light and elegant, with a permanent folded bottom or multiple folds. They can also be made from heavier fabrics, which block the light. Cleaning Roman blinds is easy -- just use your vacuum attachment and a light touch to remove dust and debris from the fabric.

Depending on the fabric being used, some Roman blinds can have blackout features. This means that they are not going to let light pass through. Such blinds are great for creating the perfect sleeping conditions in the bedroom or keeping the room cool. Dim-out is also an option, which, as the name implies, dims out some unwanted light but without plunging the room into complete darkness. Roman blinds come in a wide array of colours and patterns. They can be made from various fabrics including sumptuous velvet, satins and lightweight voile.

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