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Why choose Motorised Blinds?

Motorised blinds can be controlled to open and close using a remote, or on a programmable schedule. They offer a number of distinct advantages: 

1. Convenience 

With motorised blinds you can use a remote control to operate them from exactly where you’re standing. Motorised blinds are particularly ideal for large homes with lots of windows and if a push of the button isn’t convenient enough, simply schedule your blinds to open and close for you, day or night. 

2. Perfect for hard to reach areas

The most useful facility of motorised blinds is that they can be fitted in even the most awkward, hard to reach areas. With a wire-free, handheld or wall mounted control unit, or built into a full home system, you can adjust your window coverings from anywhere in your home. 

3. Ideal for elderly/senior citizens

For the elderly in particular, motorised blinds are there to put the power back into their hands. This is an ideal way to allow the light in during the day without the fuss of manual alteration.

4. Accessibility

Motorised blinds are ideal for people with mobility issues. Keep the remote in a handy place, and operate the blinds from your preferred position, in absolute comfort. 

5. Silent operation

Motorised blinds will maintain the ambience of a shaded room. Advances in motor technology means that the operation is near to silent, meaning you are not disturbed during a peaceful day.

6. Protect children and pets

As motorised blinds are entirely cordless and wireless, you can be sure that pets and small children are safe from harm.


Do also check out motorised curtains as an alternative.

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