About AirTum™

AirTum Technology is developed by a Singaporean scientist. 
For 15 years, Singaporean scientist has devoted himself in the research and development of indoor air quality (IAQ) products. 
He has received many international recognitions for his works in the fields of quantum resonance technology which helps to decontaminate indoor air in Residential, Medical, Commercial and Industrial buildings.
Testing and Credibility 

The testing certification is scientifically proven against Human Coronavirus, where Covid-19 is one of the family of viruses that falls under it. Another example of coronavirus will be SARS/MERS. It is also certified to eliminate H1N1 and Hand foot mouth disease (Disease) . 

The Malaysian testing is credible as Singapore don't allow test on virus and bacteria. Only Malaysia allows.

The Professor who did the test for us, Professor Doctor David Perera, Director  of Institute of Health and community Medicine. This is funded by a few medical foundation worldwide. http://www.ihcm.unimas.my

How does the AirTum™️ Technology works? 
AirTum™️ is invented based on fusion resonance technology, where it is charged using a proprietary process using an optimal frequency spectrum. 

Pathogen like bacteria, virus, mold, fungal and algae will be eliminated in the fusion resonance condition. AirTum™️ is able to break down VOCs & pathogen before they contact AirTum™️ coating layer

Can AirTum™️ be used to spray in large areas with dilution ? Sprayed into the air or streets and walkways

The second commonly used function of AirTum™️ is that it releases negative ion and far-infrared emission from its ceramic material. Molecules of Viruses, VOCs and Formaldehyde will be broken down into smaller molecules to enable efficient oxidizing and degrading effect. 

As such, there is no requirement to spray into large area with dilution, but rather, coat the premises with the correct amount of AirTum™️ and the whole area including the surface and air will be protected. 

Regular cleaning using alcohol based solution will not affect the effectiveness of the coating. If the metal object comes into contact with this coating, there is a chance for a wear and tear situation which will erode the function. This is why we recommend a recoating after 6 months.

How AirTum Works

Our Laboratory Test Results

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Our Certifications

 NEA Singapore

Laboratory Tests - Corona Virus

99.99% Degradation Rate of Corona Virus

Laboratory Tests - HFMD

99.99% Degradation Rate of HFMD Virus

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